How to Become a New Patient at Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, P.C.

The Patient Journey

How to Become a New Patient at Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, P.C.

The Patient Journey

Referral Received

Fill Out Paperwork

First Appointment

Check Out

Second Visit

Treatment Plan


Records and referral are required prior to scheduling

We require that records from a referring provider, either PCP or another specialist, are on hand before scheduling a new patient appointment. If we do not have the required documents when a patient makes an appointment, we will request that they be sent before an appointment is scheduled.

If your insurance requires a referral from a primary care physician at the time of service, this will need to be in place by your appointment date. If we do not have a valid referral for your appointment date, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Step One

Records & Referral Received


Fill out your online paperwork ahead of your appointment

New patient paperwork must be completed prior to your new patient appointment, which includes demographics, medical history (including allergies, medications surgeries, etc), HIPAA forms, authorization to release medical records, and more. These help our providers paint a full picture of your health history in order to assist in your diagnosis and treatment.

This paperwork will be texted and emailed to you with a link one week before your appointment date. It is NOT currently available on our patient portal.

If you do not have your paperwork complete upon check-in, you may be asked to reschedule to avoid causing a delay in the provider’s schedule.

Step Two

Fill Out Paperwork


Your first appointment

AARA follows a Care Team model. In most cases, you will see both the doctor and their APC (Advanced Practicing Clinician) which is a fancy, all-encompassing term for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that are part of your Care Team. Your appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes.

The APC will start the appointment by reviewing your paperwork, doing a physical examination, and reviewing your history and symptoms. This portion of the appointment will take about 30 minutes.

The last 15 minutes of the appointment, the doctor will join the visit and the APC will bring them up to speed on your case.

At this point, the care team will likely order lab tests, imaging, and any other testing they feel is appropriate to help make a diagnosis.

Reaching a diagnosis, or determining if another specialist is needed outside rheumatology, may take several visits.

Step Three

First Appointment


Check out

Upon check out from your first visit, you may be instructed to have labs drawn the same day in the office. If ordered, X-rays may be done same-day or scheduled another day in our office. This depends on your insurance; not all insurance will allow labs to be drawn or X-Rays to be done in our office.

Step Four

Check Out


Second visit

All test results will be discussed at your second visit or “V2” appointment. This appointment is usually with the APC, and they will go over all test results and discuss the next steps, which may include medication, IV or injection therapies, or more testing.

Step Five

Second Visit


Treatment plan

Your treatment will be based on your test results and what your care team feels will work best for you. If your insurance requires prior authorization, we will assist with submitting it to your insurance for approval. Treatment may include oral medications, injections, or infusions.

Step Six

Treatment Plan

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Please note we will require records from your referring provider before scheduling.

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